ImmuPharma Biotech

ImmuPharma Biotech is leading preclinical/clinical activities of the company and stands at the forefront of pioneering novel therapies derived from biopolymers: peptides. Biopolymers are proving to be remarkable tools, as seen in the recent breakthroughs with mRNA vaccines, paving the way for an exciting new domain of therapeutic innovation – programmable drugs.

The therapeutic potential of peptide-based compounds is indisputable, with recent successes in GLP-1 derivatives revolutionizing the treatment landscapes for Type 2 diabetes and obesity. At ImmuPharma, we believe that enhancing the flexibility in the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties namely Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity (ADMET) of these biopolymers can significantly fast-track the widespread therapeutic application of peptides.

Therefore, ImmuPharma Biotech is strategically directing its internal research to deepen our understanding and refine the ADMET properties not only of peptides but also of other active agents facing similar challenges. Our therapeutic focus is primarily autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and infectious diseases.

Tim Franklin Ph.D.

President, ImmuPharma Biotech

Tim has 30 years’ experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. He worked in clinical research, sales & marketing, and global strategic marketing for Warner Lambert, Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham. He later moved to the capital markets where he became a top-ranked pharmaceuticals analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort investment bank. He applied his experience to stock selection at hedge funds and advised several small biotechnology companies on corporate and commercial strategy and access to capital. He holds a BSc in Medicinal Chemistry and a PhD in Pharmacology from Loughborough University and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Sébastien R. Goudreau, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer, ImmuPharma Biotech

Born in Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada, Dr Goudreau obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the Université of Montréal as a NSERC fellow before moving to Switzerland to conduct postdoctoral studies at the ETH Zürich as an FRQNT fellow. He then moved back to Canada for one year where he co-founded FindMolecule inc. and worked for the pharma industry. In 2014 he joined ImmuPharma as research director and established the research laboratories of Ureka in Bordeaux. After the merger of ELRO with Ureka in 2019, Dr Goudreau became Chief Scientific Officer of Ureka Pharma and in 2021, he became  CEO of ImmuPharma Biotech. Notably, Dr Goudreau and his team are credited for the discovery and development of, among others, URK 614, BioGlucagon, BioAMB and BioCIN.

Laura Mauran-Ambrosino, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer, ImmuPharma Biotech

Born in Montpellier, France, Dr Mauran- Ambrosino obtained her PhD in Chemistry at the Université de Bordeaux as a CIFRE fellow in co-supervision by Dr Goudreau.

She then conducted postdoctoral studies at the “Centre Hospitalier Universitaire” Pellegrin in cell biology. In 2018, she joined Ureka and established the biology department and the analytical chemistry department and in 2021, she became Chief Scientific Officer of Ureka Pharma. Dr Mauran-Ambrosino was a key contributor to the development of BioGlucagon, BioAMB and BioCIN.