• ImmuPharma is one of the leading specialist drug development companies listed on AIM of the LSE

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ImmuPharma PLC is one of the leading specialist drug development companies listed on AIM of the LSE. Our corporate strategy and business model differentiates us from many of our peers.

We have UK, French and Swiss operations and have a formal research collaboration with Europe’s largest fundamental research organization in Europe, the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).  ImmuPharma has received to-date $45 million from a corporate deal with a US pharmaceutical company and a number of grants from French government organisations for three of our drug candidates

We have a partnership-based business model, a small core of full time staff, a low R&D cost base, a strong balance sheet and diversified compounds and pipeline.

ImmuPharma has had loyal and supportive shareholders since its listing on AIM that have supported the Company through its history and has helped finance product development.

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Nominated Adviser ‘NOMAD’
SPARK Advisory Partners Limited

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Stanford Capital Partners Limited

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Si Capital Limited

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Nexia Smith & Williamson Audit Limited,
London, U.K.

Bircham Dyson Bell LLP
London, U.K.
Badertscher Rechtsanwälte AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Patent Agents
McCarter & English, LLP, Connecticut, USA
Cabinet Regimbeau, Paris, France
Grosset-Fournier & Demachy, Paris, France

Under contract with a leading manufacturer in the peptides field

“We are excited as a team to be progressing the MAP programme allowing Lupus patients early access to Lupuzor™.”

Tim McCarthy, Chairman, ImmuPharma PLC

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