Navid Malik, of The Life Sciences Division talks to Proactive Investors on his investment thesis on ImmuPharma and its late stage drug asset, Lupuzor™ as it gears up to start Phase III trials in Lupus patients in H2 2021 – 18 February 2021
ImmuPharma’s Chairman Tim McCarthy, and Tim Franklin, Chief Operating Officer join Proactive London’s Katie Pilbeam to explain the latest market update in respect of its late stage Lupus drug, Lupuzor – 10 February 2021

The key highlight is that Lupuzor is scheduled to start the Phase 3 international trial in second half of this year. The update followed guidance proffered by the US regulator, FDA,  after its interaction in December with Avion Pharmaceuticals, which is leading the development of the drug.

Tim Franklin, ImmuPharma’s Chief Operating Officer talks to Proactive Investor on the forthcoming meeting in December between the Company’s partner Avion and the FDA, to discuss the international Phase 3 Lupus clinical trial – 25th November 2020

Dr Franklin says at the meeting, Avion together with the FDA will discuss key points and following the meeting the FDA will respond giving their guidance.

He says a conditional approval would allow the marketing of Lupuzor™ prior to the completion of the new Phase 3, based on the clinically significant data previously generated in the completed Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials to date.

Tim McCarthy, Chairman of ImmuPharma, talks to Proactive Investor about the first significant investment from two US healthcare specialist funds and ongoing news flow – 15 June 2020

ImmuPharma PLC’s (LON:IMM) Tim McCarthy speaks to Proactive London’s Andrew Scott following the news of new funding through two specialist US healthcare investors. Up to US$6.3mln is being invested into IMM from an issue of unsecured convertible securities and associated options to L1 Capital Global Opportunities Master Fund and Lind Global Macro Fund.

ImmuPharma’s chairman, Tim McCarthy, talks on widening of portfolio and focus on partnering opportunities – 13 April 2020

ImmuPharma PLC’s (LON:IMM) Tim McCarthy caught up with Proactive London’s Andrew Scott soon after the firm announced it had raised £1.5mln from a share subscription to fund an expansion of its research & development programmes.

Tim McCarthy, Chairman of ImmuPharma, provides his first corporate update via the Investor Meet Company platform on 7 April 2020.

The presentation provides background on the recent £1.5m Subscription and the expansion of ImmuPharma’s R&D pipeline. To view the presentation please click here and register/log on via the Investor Meet Company platform. You will then be invited to all future presentations given by ImmuPharma via this platform.

Navid Malik, The Life Sciences Division, talks to Andrew Scott at Proactive about ImmuPharma’s licencing deal with Avion and how it has re-ignited the potential for Lupuzor to be a blockbuster drug – 16 December 2019

The Life Sciences Division’s Navid Malik gives his view on the recent recent deal ImmuPharma PLC (LON:IMM) struck with US speciality drugs group Avion Pharmaceuticals.

Tim McCarthy, Chairman of ImmuPharma talks to Vox Markets on the deal with US-based Avion Pharmaceuticals, the agreement with Lanstead Capital and what the future holds for ImmuPharma regarding new trial design as well as anticipated upcoming milestones – 13 December 2019
Dr Navid Malik, Executive director and head of research at the Live Sciences Division who works with Immupharma discusses their recent licence Agreement for Lupuzor with Avion in US – 10 December 2019
Life Science Division Executive Director and Head of Research Dr Navid Malik joins DirectorsTalk to discuss ImmuPharma plc – 10 December 2019

Navid provides an overview of the Life Science Division and how long its been following ImmuPharma, explains how he reads into the agreement with Avion, confidence for securing other deals with European partners, more details around the increase in target price from 76p to 100p, key differentiators, key milestones that will increase share price and how the sector in 2020 could benefit the company.

Tim McCarthy, ImmuPharma’s Chairman, talks to Proactive Investors on the transformational Lupuzor™ licensing deal with US Avion Pharmaceuticals

ImmuPharma PLC‘s (LON:IMM) chairman Tim McCarthy caught up with Proactive’s Andrew Scott to talk through the recently announced licensing deal worth almost US$100mln for Lupuzor –  its treatment for the autoimmune disease lupus.

US speciality drugs group Avion Pharmaceuticals will fund the US$25mln costs of a phase III clinical trial next year.

ImmuPharma Chairman explains why the Avion deal is so significant – Nov 2019

ImmuPharma plc (LON: IMM) Non-Executive Chairman Tim McCarthy joins DirectorsTalk to discuss a licencing and development agreement with US speciality pharmaceutical company Avion. Tim talks us through the key highlights of the deal, provides background on Avion, the importance of this validation from an industry player, partners for other territories, the next key milestones, the Lanstead Agreement and why ImmuPharma is now a stock potential investors should be considering.

Vox markets interview with Tim McCarthy – Nov 2019

Tim McCarthy discusses their licence agreement for Lupuzor with Avion in U.S.

Vox Markets podcast featuring an interview with Dr Navid Malik Executive Director at The Life Sciences Division – Sept 2019

Dr Navid Malik Executive Director at The Life Sciences Division provides on outlook on ImmuPharma (IMM) and its flagship drug Lupuzor, a treatment for autoimmune disease Lupus.

Dr Navid Malik, analyst at The Life Sciences Division talks to Directors Talk about the opportunities for Lupuzor™ – Sept 2019

ImmuPharma plc (LON: IMM) is the topic of conversation when Navid Malik Executive Director at The Life Sciences Division joins DirectorsTalk. Navid provides some background to TLSD and it’s interest in ImmuPharma, gives a summary of it’s new note on the company, provides some key points on the longer term potential of Lupuzor.