Crafting targeted peptide-based therapies in specialist therapeutic areas

ImmuPharma PLC is an AIM listed (LSE:IMM) evolving speciality pharma company headquartered in London with its research R&D team, ImmuPharma Biotech, based in France

Our research strategy is based on two strategic axes: research based on external collaboration aimed at discovering new active ingredients, which has led to the development of our most advanced project in terms of clinical development: P140 an active peptide against the auto-immune disease, Lupus SLE and internal research based on the use of molecular programming technologies, which has notably led to the development of the BioAMB and BioCIN projects.

This research, for original biopolymer-based active compounds, has led us to collaborate with the world-renowned Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, (CNRS) in France and Imperial College London.  These collaborations enable us to access innovative research with substantial embedded value and to work with many leading scientists and clinicians.

ImmuPharma has exclusive rights to all of its intellectual property assets. Since a major Board and management restructuring, the team has refocused its key pipeline portfolio to maximise long-term shareholder value.

Our pipeline

Our pipeline of cutting-edge peptide-based therapies is focussed on two pivotal therapeutic areas: Autoimmunity & Inflammation and Anti-infection.

Autoimmunity & Inflammation

Thanks to its unique mechanism of action, P140 has a very high potential for achieving several therapeutic repositionings in the complex field of autoimmune diseases. This potential isn’t just theoretical; it has been borne out in various in-vivo models, yielding results that inspire optimism.

  • P140 (Lupuzor™) for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) (Phase 3 / pivotal)
  • P140 for CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy) (Phase 2/3 adaptive/pivotal)


Leveraging our unique technology based on reprogramming ADMET properties of compounds which have poor availabilities, we’ve engineered anti-infective agents that marry ease of administration with heightened efficacy and safety.

  • BioAMB, a groundbreaking amphotericin-B variant that promises both efficiency and safety (preclinical)
  • BioCIN, an innovative vancomycin based treatment for efficient, safe anti-infection treatment (preclinical)

Business development

Our commercial strategy is to out-license our assets in development at value inflection points, to leading international corporations that are well-placed to further develop and/or commercialise our drugs.

ImmuPharma and Avion Pharmaceuticals have an exclusive licence and development agreement for P140 in the US.

Why Invest in ImmuPharma?

  • A rich portfolio with 2 highly attractive late-stage clinical indications – SLE & CIDP
  • Near-term business development opportunities across all programs
  • Innovative P140 Bio-drug platform has the potential in several autoimmune diseases and life cycle management through it’s second generation P140

The story so far...