February 2019

‘Nature Communications’ published a fundamental scientific publication on the proprietary technology Urelix™ from UREkA Sarl (“Ureka”), ImmuPharma’s subsidiary.


May 2017

Findings with the P140 peptide support a direct cross-talk between autophagy and certain central and peripheral neuronal diseases


November 2016

Cancer compound IPP-204106 chosen to be on the cover of AACR disclosing the specific binding to nucleolin and therefore to tumour cells by the Nucants.



March 2015

Special article “Resetting the autoreactive immune system with a therapeutic peptide in lupus” on autophagy


October 2013

New Opportunities for Therapy of Autoimmune Diseases: published in Genetics & Epigenetics outlinung the potential in other indications


November 2012

Publication of Lupuzor’s double blind phase IIb results in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases of the British Medical Journal


September 2012

Publication in the Journal of Autoimmunity on Peptide-based approaches to treat lupus and other autoimmune diseases


May 2011

How ImmuPharma’s IPP-204106 works in cancer treatment

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December 2010

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases paper on mode of action of Lupuzor on HSC70+ antigen-presenting cells


April 2009

Publication in PLoS One – Lupuzor (P140) controls Lupus by interacting with the HSC70 protein and via a mechanism mediated by γδ T cells