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Transparency disclosure on Euronext Growth Brussels

Number of Securities

ImmuPharma has 250,221,297 ordinary shares of 10p each in issue, each of which entitles the holder to cast one vote in general meetings.

Disclosure in accordance to Article 15 of the Belgian Law of 2 May 2007.

Adaptations to the number of shares and voting rights.

• 18 November 2020 – Total Share Capital Notification (click here)

• 30 September 2020 – Total Share Capital Notification (click here)

• 16 June 2019 – Total Share Capital Notification (click here)

All required information in the practical Guide FSMA_2011_08 of 10 November 2011 is available on the website of the FSMA as well as the form to be used : TR-1 BE (click here to download) issued by the Financial Services and Markets Authority – FSMA.

Send the completed form via email to:

The FSMA at: with the mention of the transmission date, the subject and the issuer name, and subsequently, for reasons of legal certainty, by fax to +32 2 220 59 12.

And also send the form to ImmuPharma at:

For more information, please visit the FSMA website:

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