Diabetes – a growing epidemic

Type 2 diabetes is a global public health crisis that threatens the economies of all nations, particularly developing countries. Fuelled by rapid urbanisation, nutrition transition, and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, the epidemic has grown in parallel with the worldwide rise in obesity.

Peptide platform

ImmuPharma’s subsidiary Ureka Pharma has initiated the development of a novel and innovative ‘Urelix’ peptide technology platform through the collaboration with CNRS, which has the ability to mimic protein structures, allowing for the preservation (or enhancement) of function while significantly increasing protein stability.


The first therapeutic area being targeted is diabetes with glucagon-like peptide -1 agonists, a class of drugs for the treatment of diabetes, as well as initiating the development of novel peptides as glucagon antagonists – one of the novel approaches to treat Type I and Type II diabetes.


BioGlucagon, is a potential new rescue therapy for low sugar events in diabetes. Existing glucagon products have poor solubility and are inconvenient with variable dosing due to poor solubility creating risks for patients. BioGlucagon has 100% solubility, can be formulated in pre-filled syringe pens and could be used in insulin pumps. The next step will be to progress towards a bio equivalence study for BioGlucgagon, which if successful could result with a potential market launch date in 2022.

The potential of this technology is substantial and diverse and is one of the key reasons UREKA has established its own research team.

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