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ImmuPharma PLC is a pharmaceutical drug development company listed since 2006 on AIM of the London Stock Exchange (LSE:IMM). The Company is focusing on developing innovative and novel medicines with high sales potential in specialist markets with serious unmet need.

ImmuPharma is focused on three therapeutic disease areas – Auto-immune (P140) | Oncology/Ophthalmology | Metabolism/Diabetes. Lupuzor™ is the Company’s most advanced drug candidate and is a treatment for Lupus, a life threatening auto immune-disease. Lupuzor™ received ‘Gold Standard’ approval from the US FDA for its Phase III trial with a Special Protocol Assessment and “Fast Track” designation.

Lupuzor ™ has now completed its Phase III pivotal trial. Top line results from the trial were announced in April 2018 (Click here) and May 2018 (Click here). ImmuPharma is led by a commercially focused Board and management team with extensive industry experience.

Lead product in late clinical stage

LupuzorTM a potential treatment for Lupus sufferers worldwide

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease which is thought to affect some 5 million people worldwide. Existing treatments offer marginal efficacy while leading to significant side-effects.

Lupuzor™ – a potential treatment for Lupus – received Fast-Track and Special Protocol Assessment designations from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Lupuzor™ announced top-line results from the Phase III clinical trial in April (Click here) & May 2018. (Click here)

ImmuPharma is now embarking on a Managed Access Programme for Lupuzor™, as confirmed in the Company’s Corporate Update in September 2018. Click here

Auto-immune diseases

Lupuzor™, is also known by its chemical name ‘Forigerimod’ or P140. ImmuPharma in conjunction with the CNRS, its collaboration partner, is exploring other opportunities around Lupuzor™’s mechanism of action and its applicability through its P140 platform to expand into other autoimmune conditions.

Oncology & Ophthalmology

ImmuPharma’s second most advanced pipeline programme, IPP-204106, is a potential treatment for various cancers and acts by modulating angiogenesis and proliferation. The programme involves the development of synthetic peptides, Nucants, which target nucleolin with very high affinity and selectivity. Nucleolin is a protein which controls critical pathways within the cell. The protein is over-expressed at the surface of dividing cells which makes its binding with Nucants very attractive because of its potential selectivity—this is of particular importance in tumour targeting. We are also investigating its use in age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other ophthalmological indications.

Metabolism and diabetes

ImmuPharma’s subsidiary ‘Ureka’ has initiated the development of a novel and innovative peptide technology platform through the collaboration with CNRS, gaining access to pioneering research centred on novel peptide drugs at the University of Bordeaux and the Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie (IECB). Jointly, ImmuPharma and CNRS have filed a new co-owned patent controlling this breakthrough peptide technology. The first therapeutic area being targeted is diabetes with glucagon-like peptide -1 agonists, a class of drugs for the potential treatment of diabetes, as well as initiating the development of novel peptides as glucagon antagonists – one of the novel approaches to treat Type I and Type II diabetes.

We are focused on advancing the care of patients suffering from serious medical conditions worldwide.

Immupharma is aim listed with our headquarters
in London and research centres in France and Switzerland.

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