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ImmuPharma PLC is a speciality biopharmaceutical company listed since 2006 on AIM of the London Stock Exchange (LSE:IMM). ImmuPharma discovers and develops peptide-based therapeutics with high sales potential in specialist markets with serious unmet need.

ImmuPharma’s portfolio consists of four novel peptide therapy areas which are: Autoimmunity and Anti-Infectives. The lead program, Lupuzor™, is a first-in class autophagy immunomodulator which is in Phase III for the treatment of Lupus, a life threatening auto immune-disease. Lupuzor™ received ‘Gold Standard’ approval from the US FDA for its Phase III trial with a Special Protocol Assessment and “Fast Track” designation.

Preclinical analysis suggest that there are also opportunities around the therapeutic activity for many other autoimmune diseases that share the same autophagy mechanism of action.

Lupuzor ™ completed a Phase III pivotal trial with top line results announced in April 2018 (Click here) and May 2018 (Click here).

ImmuPharma is now embarking on a further Phase III trial of Lupuzor™ with Avion Pharmaceuticals, in an exclusive licence and development agreement in the US, where Avion Pharmaceuticals will fund the new Phase III trial. (Click here)

ImmuPharma is led by a commercially focused Board and management team with extensive industry experience.

Lead product in late clinical stage

LupuzorTM a potential treatment for Lupus sufferers worldwide

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease which is thought to affect some 5 million people worldwide. Existing treatments offer marginal efficacy while leading to significant side-effects.

Lupuzor™ – a potential treatment for Lupus – received Fast-Track and Special Protocol Assessment designations from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Lupuzor™ announced top-line results from the Phase III clinical trial in April (Click here) & May 2018. (Click here)

Most recently, ImmuPharma and Avion Pharmaceuticals signed on 29 November 2019, an exclusive licence and development agreement for Lupuzor™, where Avion Pharmaceuticals will fund a new international Phase III trial for Lupuzor™ and commercialise in the US.  (Click here)


Lupuzor™, is also known by its chemical name ‘Forigerimod’ or P140. ImmuPharma in conjunction with the CNRS, its collaboration partner, is exploring other opportunities around Lupuzor™’s mechanism of action and its applicability through its P140 platform to expand into other autoimmune conditions outside of Lupus. Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (“CIDP”) where compelling pre-clinical data has been generated, will now move into a proof of concept study. CIDP could potentially be granted ‘Orphan Drug Designation’ which would provide a fast approval process.


There is growing resistance to antibiotics and antifungal agents,
and more recently the Covid-19 outbreak has highlighted mankind’s unpreparedness and susceptibility to more aggressive infectious microorganisms, not only from a health perspective but also from an economic and social impact.

However, despite the obvious threats to the health and wellbeing of the world’s population, anti-infectives is a therapy area that attracts
one of the lowest R&D spends in the biopharma industry. So, this is an attractive therapy area for speed to market and lower cost of

ImmuPharma has developed three anti-infective programs, which are:

We are focused on advancing the care of patients suffering from serious medical conditions worldwide.

ImmuPharma is listed on the London AIM market.

Our headquarters are in London and research centres in France and Switzerland.

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